The Ad Hominem Attack Show.

The Ad Hominem Attack Show is home base for The Bad Boys of Cleveland Comedy, Chris Paugh and Ryne Diperna, Sad Boy Jeremy Sheer and a rotating group of guest comedians being mean to each other while discussing news, politics, comedy and pop cullture. We’re mean and it’s hilarious.

27:Part 1 of 2 Game Of Jokes W John Bruton

June 21st, 2017

In this episode of The Ad Hominem Attack Show Chris and Ryne drink a box of beer with Accidental Comedy's John Bruton. We discuss Cosby, Game of Thrones, superhero movies,the politics of Cleveland Comedy, why Ryne isn't as cool as he thinks, Chris isn't as humble as he thinks and John doesn't come off the way he thinks. 


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Art by Jess Smith