The Ad Hominem Attack Show.

The Ad Hominem Attack Show is home base for The Bad Boys of Cleveland Comedy, Chris Paugh and Ryne Diperna, Sad Boy Jeremy Sheer and a rotating group of guest comedians being mean to each other while discussing news, politics, comedy and pop cullture. We’re mean and it’s hilarious.

28: Part 2 of 2 Game Of Jokes W John Bruton

June 22nd, 2017

Part 2 of 2 . In this episode of the Ad Hominem Attack Show Chris and Ryne drink a box of beer with Accidetal Comedy's John Bruton. We discuss Cosby, Game of Thrones, Tiger Woods, The politics of Cleveland Comedy, turning mean things into shows, a comedy version of the knockout game, and admit what this show really is. 

Episode art by Jess Smith @Jess_FLRadio


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