The Ad Hominem Attack Show.

The Ad Hominem Attack Show is home base for The Bad Boys of Cleveland Comedy, Chris Paugh and Ryne Diperna, Sad Boy Jeremy Sheer and a rotating group of guest comedians being mean to each other while discussing news, politics, comedy and pop cullture. We’re mean and it’s hilarious.

34:Paugh Wears An Awful Shirt With Danny Stratton

July 26th, 2017

This week on the Ad Hominem Attack Show we're joined by Danny Stratton. Danny and Ryne isult Chris for almost the whole show but we somehow managae to talk about OJ, Chris's shirt, calling into conservative radio, Chris's shirt, a special attic and living in New York. Other topics include Sea Hannity DVDs, Dan Rather's lies, Chris's shirt, Linken Park, Houston Nutt, Chris's shirt, meme ideas, crazy homeless guy in the subway stories, Chris's shirt, how smart an octopus is and more.